The Mirtillo Grove House

Vacation rental, Camonica Valley, Italy (Lombardy - Brescia)

The Mirtillo House, (Mirtillo is the Italian name of Blueberry) is situated in a chestnut grove in the area known as Deria, not too far from the small Camonica Valley village of Capodiponte (3.5 km). Capodiponte is located between the Concarena, Pizzo Badile, and Adamello mountains.

In the village, honored as a UNESCO World Heritage site, lies a National Park with ancient stones of the "Incisioni Rupestri." This park is famous for having the highest concentration of prehistoric engravings in the world. Here you will find fascinating rock engravings set among woods and meadows- it is truly a magical and surreal atmosphere.

Just a ways up into the old medieval village of Pescarzo, you can enjoy a fantastic view overlooking the whole valley area and the large mountain Concarena. With its wood houses and small streets, Pescarzo is one of the most picturesque and beautiful villages in Camonica Valley.

Surrounded by peaceful countryside, a chestnut grove, mountains in the blue sky, and abundant wildlife, our farm, "The Mirtillo Grove House," is nestled in a 350 m high plain, meadows and the ancient chestnut trees. The farm overlooks the valley, which is a blend of mountains, hills, unkempt woodland, and pasture.

Our farm consists of a new stone building, a nearby hay barn, and other little restored old stone houses. It is a place to stop, slow down, and experience simple, authentic countryside life.
In the morning you can enjoy a sip of fresh goat milk from the barn and the natural flavours of the past: chestnut honey, homemade goat cheese, salami, and blueberry and raspberry jams.

From the farm, you can reach high mountains, paths for trekking, walking, and bicycling, and, in the winter, a ski resort, all in less than an hour. The farm is also only one and a half hours away from the nice town of Brescia, which features museums, a castle, and Roman ruins, and from Bergamo, which has a beautiful old town. Milano is about km 150 far away.

Our Farmhouse
The farmhouse sleeps from two to five and is available for short or long stays.
It has a fully stocked kitchen so you can "do your own thing." During the season when our organic vegetable garden is in full bloom, we encourage our guests to pick fresh tomatoes, salad, or zucchini for pasta, and, if you are lucky, fresh porcini mushrooms!

We are close to small villages, Iseo Lake, mountain lakes and rivers, old churches, and more!
A ten minute takes you to the village center of Capodiponte, which offers a market every two weeks on Wednesdays. In the village center you can also find fresh bread at the typical "Forneria," including the special local rye bread and "Spongada" (typical sweet "Focaccia" made for Easter), and small shops for your every day shopping. It is possible to discover a new village and its small market with typical cheese and honey every day of the week!

Sailing, mountain trips, hiking, free climbing, mountain biking, and fishing are possible around the farm. We are close to the many mountain valleys, each with their own wildlife, nature, and trails.

Local festivals abound, especially during the summer, in which you can dance or taste our typical "Casoncelli" (local ravioli) or "Strinu"(grilled sausages). The farm is only one hour from the most important Italian Spumante area of "Franciacorta," and wineries welcome tourists for tasting.

If your idea of a total vacation is do to absolutely nothing, this is the place to do it! There is no noise, no traffic, and no schedule to follow.

If you like to discover and get in touch with nature, here life follows its own rules in its very own world of plants and animals. Leave your sneakers and get into your hiking boots in order to discover this world for yourself. You will be unceasingly amazed. You will experience the freedom that mountain people refer to, the sensation of absorbing untainted nature, of only seeing the sky above, of feeling the unending expanses around you and of being impressed by the beauty of the countryside.

STOP and savour what the "simple" nature of small mountain villages have to offer…nurture your soul and feed your senses.